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Oakland, United States


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Parent Infant Guidance Classes inspired by Magda Gerber’s Educaring Approach (RIE). Bring your baby and get advice and support!

Common topics include:

–sleep skills

–responding to crying

–motor development

–peaceful diaper changes

–conflict resolution

–sibling relationships

–cooperative parent/​child relationships

–so much more!

My classes meet weekly in a space where the kids can freely explore age appropriate toys. Part of the 90 minute class is spent quietly observing the children, so we can learn about and appreciate their self-​directed activities. We discuss what we see and explore common topics of infancy and toddlerhood. I share what I know about Magda Gerber’s Educaring Approach and child development at a pace determined by the parent’s interests and the children’s needs. Parents say they enjoy the class as a peaceful time to reconnect with their child and to recharge their caregiving batteries.

Most classes continue until the children turn two and are ready for wider spaces. It is so rewarding to see the bonds that form between the children during that time. Having a consistent group of children for two years facilitates the development of challenging things like learning how to share and express empathy.

The first class is free, come check it out!


Established in 2011.

Respectful Caregiving classes have been taking place at a variety of locations in the Bay Area since 2011. I moved to Square One in Emeryville in 2015 and I am happy to be able to offer more classes to families.

Meet the Business Owner

Christina V.

Business Owner

Established in 2011.

When I first started taking care of children, long before I had heard of the Approach, I always knew something was wrong. Cajoling children into eating, quizzing them on colors during play, setting the length of timeouts based on the child’s age… something was off. My intentions were good, but my toolbox was empty.

The Educaring Approach gave me the tools to treat children with respect. I see the benefits in the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development of every child I work with. Practicing the Approach has been the most relieving and rewarding experience of my life.

I am thriving working with parents in classes modeled after RIE Parent-​Infant Guidance Classes. I am currently a RIE Intern. I hope to finish my training within the next two years. I have a minor in child development and have been working with children in homes and daycares since 1999. I practice the Educaring Approach on a daily basis in my work as a nanny.